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Dead Raccoon, Dead Deer & Dead Animal Removal in South River NJ

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We regularly get calls for dead deer in yards, under porches and on different parts of properties in South River  NJ where a deer has expired. Deer are the second largest mammals in the wild in New Jersey second only to bear and difficult to dispose of for Atlantic City  NJ homeowners. Dead deer disposal in NJ poses a real problem for home owners.

Deer in New Jersey frequently measure a few hundred pounds and can be exceptionally hard to load onto a truck or trailer, a winch is frequently used to carry out this operation of dead deer removal.

Deer die for wide range of reasons one of the principle reasons that a deer might be dead in your yard is it has been struck by a car. Car accidents are the most well-known reasons for deer death in NJ. It is assessed that deer cause over $50 million of vehicle harm every year. When a deer is hit by a car in New Jersey it sometimes is able to run from the accident scene because it is so amped up from the encounter. Once the adrenaline wears off and the pain sets in it looks for a place it feels safe to lay down, this is usually a quiet corner of a yard or within the landscaping of your Atlantic City  NJ home. Once there it dies of internal bleeding and a day or so later it starts to smell as decomposition starts and that is usually the homeowners first clue that they have a problem.

By far the worst dead animal clean up jobs in South River  NJ are those involving dead deer. The bigger the animal the bigger the stench. And size is not the only factor when South Rivering with dead deer removal in South River  NJ. New Jersey dead deer manage to find the the wierdest ways to die and the tightest nooks and crannies in NJ yards to squeeze into in the moments before expiring. We have gone on so many jobs where a NJ dead deer has been found wedged between two fences or has actually seemed to run full speed at a fence and gotten halfway through the fence with its head and front legs only to find that its body gets stuck and there it becomes another NJ dead deer removal job in Atlantic City .

By far the worst dead deer jobs we get are when a deer trys to leap over a spiked fence like you would see around a cemetary or large estate and even though the deer has most likely been leaping over the same fence its entire life it has reached a point where it is older and heavier and it can no longer clear the fence and winds up impaled on the fence. Let me tell you its no pleasant job lifting a 125 plus pound rotting NJ dear carcass off a fence over your head while stuff that I don't even want to detail is leaking out of every orifice of the NJ dead deer. As they say its a dirty job but someone has to do it.

That someone is us! Call NJ Wildlife & Pest Control Pro's at 973-801-9007 when you have a dead deer removal issue in South River  NJ. Our Prices are affordable and we respond quickly. As part of the included service we also rake the affected area if needed and sanitize, deodorize and disinfect the final resting area to get rid of any bacteria or maggots that remain on your South River  property. 

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